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Re: Striking all along ( Wrong. Apologies.)

To quibble. "Avoiding" an attack is -- IMO -- not practically possible. Predators take prey unawares -- it's just what they do. There is no avoiding an attack because practically speaking an attack is well-begun before the would-be victim is aware of beginning. "Engaging" the attack on the other hand, can occur at any point before impact, where avoiding the attack may simply be impossible. Evasion largely means getting cut, just a bit later.
I think you might be confusing evade with avoid.

I am not teaching "evasion". I specifically said "avoid and enter" which is what I teach. Once you enter you can do something which may be to continue past and run like hell or disrupt/disable the opponent. In some situations, pure evasion may work because of the particular tableau (furniture, doors) and the ability to obtain/draw a weapon.

If you don't actually *avoid* an attack, you are likely *damaged* and your chances of survival are greatly diminished.

All paths lead to death. I strongly recommend taking one of the scenic routes.
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