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Diana Frese
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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Another simultaneous post.... Sorry Ledyard Sensei, I got the
names mixed up. I read you are coming to Bedford Hills, we
would like to go but as of now, transportation problems, also
short of cash. We're in building trades and they are way down...

in Zach's simultaneous post he mentioned ASU so here is
something that really impressed me early on about Saotome
Sensei's seemingly effortless technique. He was laughing too,
and had two ukes push him all the way down to the ground, I
think he sat there for a moment, then just got up and they
went flying. There seemed to be no effort at all.

We'll see if I can get there to class. The trades could pick up,
someone from here might give us a ride, I'll try to think
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