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Tony Wagstaffe
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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Diana Frese wrote: View Post
(simultaneous posts) I agree with Tony, but have another
question. My friends have experienced times when people
will just stop them in order to say they are doing it wrong.... I
guess in that case, ask the teacher what he or she meant, how
her or she meant it to be done.

No wrist push ups yet, but I have to do aikibunny hops thru
the snow to get the mail my husband phoned to say was there from
yesterday's storm on his way downtown to tax class. Any job in a down economy....No vehicle on the road makes for interesting physical training... Oil is running out so my training is getting
wood from all the stashes back in the woods, in the snow,
porch is full of repair projects... but you guys on Aiki web make
life interesting, educational and inspiring. Can't wait to train!
The "o" sensei syndrome me thinks here...... I just love these people, I'll let on a bit and just say the angle of the dangle, and the least line of resistance.............
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