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Re: Seminar Doubts - Your Advice?

I say go for it, especially if your teacher is planning to attend. It shows a unity within your home dojo and reflects well upon your teacher.

I've noticed that as we develop as Aikidoka, we become more and more capable of getting more out of the seminars. Perhaps, if your last experience was negative, then maybe this time, you will get more out of it.

Moreover, if your sensei is planning on attending, certainly the techniques and the focus of the classes for the next week or two after the seminar will all deal with what he or she picked up from the seminar. If you attend, then you will have a better base of understanding for those techniques and perhaps your sensei will be able to make them accessible to you.

And ask yourself this: In five or ten or even twenty years, will you regret having gone? Or will you regret having missed the opportunity to have attended?

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