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Question Seminar Doubts - Your Advice?

I was looking forward to an upcoming seminar, and now I have doubts.

In the last seminar with this Shihan he lectured 80% of the time. His english is fractured, and after much reflection I concluded attendees heard what they wanted and assembled the message to suit themselves. What little training time we spent on the very crowded mat reinforced this conclusion, as my most experienced partners gave me a different spin on what I thought was said. Usually after their 4 turns and it was my time to try it, they stalled me (from implementing the idea) and then it was time to sit down.

Repeat this scene over and over and maybe you can see why I have second thoughts about this 3 day seminar this year. The mat will be crowded again, and if I decide not to attend, I should do it quickly to open up a slot.

As for me, I have practiced for 8 years under three organizations and have taught for four years. I've attended seminars and summer camps and have experienced many different teachers. I have my biases and opinions and I am open to suggestions.

What do you think? Should I give this seminar a chance?


- assimilated aikidoka absent an agenda
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