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Re: to be imparted by oral instruction...

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Thank you very much. I understand the joke now. As for it not being in my teachers curriculum, we have some things that i thought might be what O'sensei was reffering to, but wasn't sure. the major obstical i have encountered in my dojo is that we have a few exercizes and methods of movement that have not been completely(if at all) explained which means they aren't always done with the right feeling and purpose. So through my own study i have learned the reasons for doing these things. For instance, we do use the "elbow power" described by Mr. Tisdale (thanks again sir) however it was never taught to us as any type of exercize 'for' elbow power, it was simply how we moved. I've never seen the movement performed for its own sake though i have done it thousands of times. Am i making sense?
FWIW, this makes sense to me. It also sounds like what you discovered for yourself, and are articulating in this thread, articulates in turn with what some very knowledgeable people are saying to you.

Sounds like your study was fruitful.

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