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Re: How to Say No

Thanks Guilty Spark, I'm putting this one under Janet's Freeze Out in my list of non-physical responses.

I did find out last night that there might be a way to pursue this issue through official channels. I confided in a woman who is about the same rank as me, but is married to one of the senior students. She told me that his persistent requests would not be addressed, but I could seek help to get him to quit talking to me during practice. Apparently talking on the mat is breaking the rules to the degree that senior students, etc will get involved. She did warn me though, that if I bring this up I will have to confess to talking on the mat myself (when I was telling him "no") and might be in some trouble also. She was apologetic about this, but explained that "that's how it's done here". So I'm not sure whether to take this avenue or not.

Thanks again for the help
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