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Re: BJJ Purple Belt Exam

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The thing that impressed me the most about BJJ was that smaller men could consistently beat larger and less skilled men in a reproducible fashion. Not just talking about it. Not assuming you can. Not relying on anecdotes about someone who could. They just did it. I wanted to be able to do that as well, and I'm passing that skillset on to others.

Thanks for your response...I definitely am more interested in BJJ the more I hear - crazy with all the 'arts' in my small city (quite a few) there is no BJJ...only in Budapest which is a good 3 hours away.

I think I see where your coming from about the talk of someone smaller taking someone bigger. It seems like a nice concept, aikdio and wing chun both say that someone smaller, like a woman can take someone larger that is not skilled. Could be...but at the same time I havent watched enough to know.


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