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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

David Orange wrote: View Post
Feldenkrais "GOT" a lot of his method from Kano. A lot of it is the basics of judo, broken down into much smaller components, which are then used as departure points to examine "effort" and to find excess "slack" and tension in the body as describe earlier.
Feldenkrais "got" his impression of how *some* of the ki things actually work from Kano. One of the things becoming more clear through a number of sources currently is that even worse than western Aikidoists, western judokas dropped the ball on the ki aspects that were in ju jitsu and judo. I've read Feldenkrais's takes on a lot of things and frankly, I think he got some things and missed others.... but the next generation simply blew it and Moshe probably wouldn't approve of a lot of what is being called Feldenkrais nowadays. Regardless, the main point that gives away the big "miss" is the point about "intention". It didn't make it into Feldenkrais. Ergo, Feldenkrais doesn't hack it for the Asian martial arts. Which means, as I stated, that it's *you* who is confusing the purpose of Feldenkrais when you try to conflate it with martial arts, David. If you now want to pronounce Feldenkrais has some other purpose,fine.... but you're the one who introduced it as a companion to Aikido.


Mike Sigman
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