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Re: How do you deal with.....

It sounds like a difficult situation. I don't envy you. I have to say, it seems like you've come up with a very elaborate story -- all without talking to this person. You could be 100% right about what's going on, but honestly, with a story that detailed, you're most likely getting a big chunk of it wrong. You know some things; we on Aikiweb know less than that. Your partner knows the rest. I don't see how you can hope to resolve a conflict without speaking with the person you've got a conflict with, the sooner the better.

Another thing to consider, re: "i still don't get some things" -- the experience of constantly finding new things you're doing wrong is a large part of aikido training, especially in the beginning (further down the road, it becomes mixed in with finding old things that you're still doing wrong). If you were mostly going along feeling confident that you were doing things right, that would be a danger sign! This is what martial arts training is like, and most people don't find it to their liking. The frustration of constantly having a new level to reach, rather than being able to rest on your laurels, is an experience that not many people can tolerate. You will always "still not get some things". There will always be someone who's better than you. Being honest with yourself, is that something you can learn to be comfortable with?
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