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Diana Frese
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Re: The Bad Habits Thread

In fairness to Mario and the others, I have to mention that especially in ura, tenkan turns I had to tell my students not to look at their partner, but to look in the direction they themselves were turning, otherwise they were blocking their own movement.

There is a quote by O Sensei, I believe, something like do not look at the enemy's sword or you will be slain by his sword, do not look into his eyes .... does anyone remember that quote? I think it may have meant that you will feel trapped by them....

Or if you have Hikitsuchi Sensei's explanation , maybe you could share it with us...

Aside from the tenkan turn, I found that people from some of the striking arts tended to look directly at their partner, but I would tell them I had heard it wasn't a good idea in the case of Aikido, just to be aware of uke without looking directly at him or her...

Help! Someone please state this better than I!
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