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Bruce Baker
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Testing requirements

For most organizations there is a list of requirements at their site, or you can see if one of the local dojo's in your organization has them posted.

I know that our site for LBI has it, and we have handouts for those who wish to see the coming test requirements.

Check with some of the people in your dojo to find if either a list or online list of requirements is available.

Don't get too hung up with trying to master all of them to advance in rank ... sometimes testing quickly and practicing strenuously leads to mimicing the movements without feeling or understanding the basics behinds the movements.

I am sorry to say, we have one fellow who is hell bent on becoming a teacher of Aikido, and too often he displays poor character when faced with me as his partner. Aikido should not be a battle of who is better than who, but your own personal struggle to make yourself better. When this is not your goal, the skills gained are easily overcome.

Keep your list of requirements handy for visual reference, and putting them to memory, but continue to refine your techniques with practice.

Hey, I certainly am not gonna tell some attacker the name of each technique when I am attacked?

Just do it, and remember the terms as best you can. It will all come together. Time and practice.
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