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Re: Ellis Amdur showing Taikyoku Aikido - YouTube link

Hi Ellis.
So this is the seminar I heard so much about! You and I have had some cursory discussions about the possible impact of boxing in studying aikido so it was interesting to see some of your application. I'm not sure (repeat not sure) you and I are applying the mechanics in the same way, though I think we may agree in theory. I'm definitely looking forward to your visit to VA in the Spring of 2015. My material has been in editing for awhile but hopefully it will be out before your visit. This stuff should make for a good late night discussion:-)

One of the things that stood out for me in the vid is when you mentioned hitting with the ground. I've had some discussions with my IP friends about this. In boxing when we tell a fighter to 'sit down on your punches', this is what we drop your weight or center at the moment of impact. This may be a tiny bit of IP in boxing and why a jab can be more than just a probing technique. I've seen guys punished by a jab like this. I may have shown some of this in my earlier test vid, although I was focusing more on the hips and the easy to see body mechanics.

Thanks for presenting this material. Again, looking forward to your visit to our dojo.


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