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Re: Advertising for your local dojo!

Relax upper body, drill very fluently your feet to the ground (why not like Jaxon 5! hahah)
Relaxing upper body, opens the holly dor of FEELING!
Feeling opens the mighty garden of Others
Others help you to find your self, TRULY!
This shared truth, puts everybody in best state of heart to STUDY the mystery of this amazing WAY; technically, it puts in best state of mind to find the "Cotton point" (somehow like Archimed point!) where very little strengh is necessary to break partner balance, drive his Center trough the shared flow of Ki!
This shared truth brings joy and warm light sharing... the rest is question of time, but the journey then get one clear feet in paradise!!!....

Enjoy my friends, poetry, love, friendship, Aikid˘...

Didier Le Calvez
Instructor of Aikid˘ Montpellier Amaterasu D˘jo
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