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Re: Top Ten Reasons you STAY with Aikido

ive practiced, ninjutsu, for 10 years on and off, ive done thai boxing, judo, and a little win chun, but still i felt a deep hatred inside my heart for humanity and most religions, since doing aikido training 5 days a week at the dojo and the other 2 days at home workin on sumit, i mellowed a little, but still was a little aggressive in my technique, then after receiving my first dan and putting on the mighty black skirt( which makes me feel a little more balanced)in technique and movement( of course not mentally you fools)lol...i need suspenders for that.,lol....ive come to find that aikido is my spiritual medicine( and yes ive copyrighted the name for a book title),it heals all ills, my black heart is becoming clearer by the all i have to do is learn to spell, not like as in cast a spell i know that allready,having satan for a father it just came natural.anyhow aikido is fantastic and will always be, it truley is the art of you want me crucified for my you enjoyed reading this,and i hope its shed a ray of light on to those who may need it.....thanyou and goodnight,
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