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Re: Top Ten Reasons you STAY with Aikido

Rosemary Wulf wrote:
Ok so I'm stuck in my dorm because we are all snowed in and I've been bundled up reading The Way of Aikido by George Leonard and I found a great quote. It is about his experience with Aikido as a beginner and his feelings as he watched old video footage of O sensei with his Sensei.

"And I know I can never match the mastery that flickers on the small screen before me. But I will keep on practicing, not for prowess in self-defense, not for rank or prestige, not even for the wonderful and life-changing lesions that flow from this art. I will practice aikido for the sheer, unmitigated beauty of it."
That's a neat book. I like his stories about using aikido when he was heckled during public speaking. Mind opening stuff.

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