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Erik wrote:
I have seen a counter done with kote gaeshi where you take the high fall, something happens, and your partner subsequently takes a fall. I'm a little unclear on the something happens part. Could someone enlighten me on this?

Koregaeshi into Kotegaeshi Reversal

The one you are most likely referring to involves this:
The nage has a grabbing hand (grabbing the wrist) and a matching hand (placed on the back of the hand); uke takes his free hand and grabs the wrist of nage's matching hand, he attempts to fall inside the arc of projection of the kotegaeshi, as he lands he twists away from nage, applies his own matching hand and throws the nage over his body by over extending him (note that uke's body should be right up against the legs of nage to prevent any balancing step being made>

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