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Re: Letting go of thinking through techniques

like I said everyone has their learning style you have to find what works for you. For me thinking is a big problem that tends to get in the way. I have to empty my mind and just feel. But that's me and most people do not learn the way I do.

LOL Sammy... remember my getting confused on Shihonage tonight. I was doing it just fine two days ago and today it didnt work at first... that was because I was thinking. I let something as simple as using Katate tori instead of Cosa Dori grab get in the way. Like Garth said its the same technique the grab does not matter. But it was a problem for me. So we all have our own things we work on.

One thing that actually makes me feel better about my mistakes is seeing those more experienced than me making them too and struggling with a lot of the same things I do. No pressure to be as good as the next guy or gal.

One thing I always look for is just one thing that I think was an improvement over my last class. It does not matter how small or big that one thing is. At one time for me it was just making it to the dojo on time and not being so nervous, just getting through the class. Then it was just working on my back rolls and finding how to stop the pain I was experiencing. Right now I am really focusing on learning to be a good Uke as well as prepping for my first test.

Aikido is a lifetime study. You don't have to be good at it the first time you try it.... I can see progress in you already. Look carefully and you will too.
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