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Re: Letting go of thinking through techniques

Everyone has a different learning style. It helps to understand what your own particular style is. For instance its been pointed out to me that I am a kinesthetic learner. Unfortunately this is not super common (around 15% of people are kinesthetic) and often people like me who are highly empathic, and sensitive to feel, have trouble learning the usual ways such as by seeing (visual and most common) and hearing (Audio). For me the only way I really truly understand what I am trying to learn is to feel it physically. Now that I understand that about myself I have been able to help my teachers and fellow students to help me to learn.

I also have become aware of the need to focus in more on specific things that I need to work on during the visual parts of the instruction. So if I am trying as I have been to work on foot work I pay closer attention to Sensei's feet during the demonstration and then work on other aspects after I think understand that part of the movement.

Very often in our education we are not taught how to learn. So before we can actually learn we must learn how to learn if you catch my drift.
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