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Cady Goldfield
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Re: What's the most dangerous fighting style

Isaac Bettis wrote:
Maybe, but ammunition does have different characteristics right? That is to say that a .357 is more "effective" (maybe I am defining effectiveness incorrectly but give me a break) because that specific round usually (and I cannot produce the evidence, I learned this while taking a conceal/carry class) only requieres one round to stop a human body. I think that it was somehere around the 92% of all incidents involving a .357 were "one shot stops".
Isaac, you're splitting hairs. All guns are capable of delivering a lethal payload into a human being. That's the point. (Or hollow point...).

But remember, "guns don't kill people..." Like Lynn Seiser said, it's the person, not the vehicle he uses, whether gun or empty hand.
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