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Re: What should I be prepared for when starting?

Sammy Gray wrote: View Post
I'm just about to start aikido, I've learned like, 3 grabs from being in American Karate, but I only know English names for them. Any tips on what to prepare for, and how to prepare for it?


This is an activity that feels different than it looks.

Prepare to:
1) Feel awkward for months
2) Be frustrated over and over again
3) Believe that you are slowing the class down
4) Feel that you will never be able to learn this
5) Have all kinds of new pains
6) Constantly battle the desire to quit.
7) Meet a lot of nice people but a few that you really won't like.
8) Constantly be told that you are doing your techniques incorrectly

These are not the universal feelings of all but they are a compilation of the feeling of all those who did in fact quit. Prepare for these feelings and thoughts and you might have a chance to make it long term.
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"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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