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Re: Best way to restart Aikido training

Aside from all of this perfectly fine advice, I would get on the tread-mill / elliptical machine. Get the ticker back up to an athletic level and you will have an easier time regaining any muscle memory you may have left with.

If you remember all the terms for basic throws and movements, and what they "look like", you will be ahead of a flat out beginner and in a good position to make up any lost ground.

BUT, the refined muscle memory can degrade in as little as a few months. Personally, I have limited practice at the moment; soon to change with new (hopefully) job on the horizon. While I still train at least twice a month, at the end of each class I can feel the rust covering all the finer points.

The one thing I am doing is bringing my fitness back to collegiate levels. Having the energy for a vigorous class can only help!

Either way, Good Luck and Enjoy!


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