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Marlory Graham's Response to the Petition for Gender Equality in the USAF

Posted 2019-10-14 07:37:23 by Jun Akiyama
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Here is a great post entitled "Time to Tenkan" by Malory Graham (6th dan, Seattle Aikikai) on the recent petition calling for gender equity in the United States Aikido Federation. [First posted on Facebook; reprinted here with permission.]

From the post: "After 30+ years in this male-dominated field, I am not naive enough to think that gender parity will happen overnight in response to a petition. I also don't think putting a woman on the technical committee as a mere token of affirmative action really addresses the core problem. I'm more concerned about the pervasive sentiment shared behind closed doors that women's aikido isn't "technically good enough" to warrant a position on the committee. While I am all for being judged by one's merit, maybe the whole paradigm about how we place value on 'what is good enough aikido?' and who decides 'what is good enough aikido?' should also be addressed to see if it has bias?"

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