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Re: Bokken Reccomendations

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Hello everyone, I am having a really great time on Aikiweb so far. I have never seen a community this dedicated from so many different places around the world, it is really incredible.

I am going to begin studying Iwami style Aikido soon, and doing some weapon work as part of that. My Sensei has said that I will need to purchase my own Bokken for the training and I want to make sure that I am making the best purchase. I saw that now there are quite a few Bokken available that are made of different woods and not just Japanese White Oak. Are these impostors that should not even be looked at? And is $60-$80 USD a good price point? I am really nervous excited about this so I imagine my questions are really quite silly, I just want to do my best to get ready. Anything you all can say or suggest would be greatly appreciated
Just want to thank everyone again for their help and information, I am going to be recieving my Hickory Bokken from Kim Taylor in a couple weeks. I cannot wait, I have been wanting to do some weapons training this year and this is the first time I have actually had a chance.
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