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Greg Jennings
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petra wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I am looking for the books written by Saito called Traditional Aikido, there should be at least 5 or maybe even 6 volumes. Me and my fellow students would like to obtain copies of those books, does anyone know where they are for sale? (if possible the entire serie at once) does anyone have spare copies? or would be willing to provide us with (photo)copies. Any information is appreciated.
They are quite rare and hard to find. A fellow was advertising them for sale on Aikido Journal and EBay. I think he wanted US$150, but I can't remember for sure.

I think that I have his e-mail address at home. I'll post it tonight when I get home from work 9:00 U.S. CST (GMT - 6 hrs).

You could search on the Aikido Journal site in the mean time.


Greg Jennings
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