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Re: Aikido practicality

Thanks Michael for all those dojos I'll be sure to check them out. As far as the "non violent" martial art thing goes I agree. Aikido, even though it is often said to be, is not a "nonviolent" martial art. There are no "nonviolent" martial arts it's an oxymoron. The whole idea of a martial art is to cause harm or disable your opponent. That being said aikido is one of the only martial arts that I have found that is self DEFENSE and not self OFFENSE. Compare aikido to some other martial arts like sambo, Krav Maga, or even jujitsu and it seems pretty "nonviolent". I only put the term "nonviolent" in my post to point out that I understand that aikido isn't an art you train in expecting to beat the life out of people. You only use the amount of force that is necessary.

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