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Re: Quiet tire tanren training?

Jamie Yugawa wrote: View Post
I have a funny question. I have a tire set up for tanren training, and noticed it being quite loud when I strike it. Does anyone have any tips to quiet it down? Hilo is a small town and my back yard is not small but it does sound like a gunshot when I hit the tire! Right now it is standing with some rocks to deaden the sound and keep it upright so that helps and I have a small towel on top. Any suggestions?
Dear Jamie,
First let me say I know your dojo.I only saw it when I was on Hilo [a cruise trip].Wish I had been there longer.Jamie, personally I would suggest very little tanren training.Tanren training hitting a tyre gives you lower back problems.The body stiffens up.Little and often do this training but not for any length of time.This tip might not quieten the practice but if done for short periods only it might be more user friendly. Cheers, Joe.
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