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Re: YouTube: Aikido Demo Video

Daniela Barkasy wrote: View Post
Hey Aiki Web bloggers!
A friend and I put together an aikido demo for our school and I've put it on youtube. The techniques are a tad sloppy but oh well, I tried. So feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!


P.S. for all those that read my previous hakama forum, I now wear a hakama and am wearing one in the video!
I'm chiming in late here, but I just wanted to express that I'm always impressed when people can get up in front of a crowd and perform. Being in the spotlight like that can be pretty tough all on its own, let alone when trying to act with precision and intensity.
That said, there's plenty of room for improvement, but isn't there always? My take on 5th kyu is that it's naturally a time of getting lots of advice because clearly you're familiar with many of the basic forms, but there are also a lot of loose ends to be tied up...or at least, that's the way it appears to this long-standing 5th kyu.
I'd also like to add my two bits to the idea that "oh well" is a slippery slope. It's always easy to find excuses, and I'm not trying to say you're just giving excuses because for all I know sitting here at my keyboard, you've thought very seriously about how to improve your peformance already. But having at times gone from a very serious personality to a very not-serious one, I can see why so many folks would caution you in that regard. You looked like you were having fun in that demo, and that's good, but there's a whole school of thought that says demos should generally look intense and cause one to hold their breath. It's something of a conundrum in parts of the Aikido world where we're encouraged to smile and laugh and be serious at the same time. I guess there's an appropriate time for either and it appears some folks here think you might be approaching an appropriate time for a higher degree of seriousness. That's a compliment as I see it.
Take care and keep up the good work!

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