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very interesting - I struggle with this one. I find that having pride in yourself and your club and being open and honest with people can be very constructive to your personal development as well as that of your associates. However we should also expect to 'destroy our ego' and be humble. To me the english language is poor at expressing these concepts.

To me humility should not include a feeling of insignificance, inability to contribute or passiveness and pride should not include arrogance, a feeling of being more important than others or that our view is necessarily the right view. If this was the case we should have both humility and pride. However this is hard to get your head round so I like to think of it more in terms of, we're all one big human team with the aim of helping each other to fulfill themselves; lets get on with doing that.

Two expressions come to mind;
one is

'we are all part of the bundle of life' (Bible)

the other is:

'only when you know that the whole universe is as big as a grain of rice and a horses hair is bigger than the whole universe will you understand the tao' Chuang Tzu (apologies if I miss-phrased that).
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