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David Orange
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Re: Blew My Mind...But Not My Spleen

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So again, thanks to Dan and all his folks and best wishes to all the folks I met there after getting to know them here on aikiweb: Mark Murray, Marc Abrams (and Mayda), Josh Phillipson, Lee Salzman, Tom Holtz, Rob Liberti, and others whose names don't instantly pop into my exhausted mind.
To show just how exhausted I am, I just got a PM from Josh Phillipson saying he wasn't there!!!!

So who was the Josh I met? We just had first names on our tags and when I saw one with "Josh" on it, the name "Phillipson" associated itself in my mind. I said, "Oh. Josh Phillipson?" He must have misunderstood my question or I misunderstood his answer. I thought he said "Yeah," and the rest of the seminar, I was thinking this big guy was Josh Phillipson. So looking at the "changed body" thread, I was wondering why Josh was making those statements and asking those questions the day before he would be attending Dan's seminar....

So, sorry to both Joshes.

But who was the Josh at the seminar????



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