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Re: creation of new techniques

George S. Ledyard wrote:
I would completely disagree with this. O-sensei spent plenty of time "inside the box". It's just that the vast majority of information we have about him comes from the last half of his life. In the very early 1930's when he was still teaching Daito Ryu, he had already trained longer than the vast majority of the folks reading this forum.

He started training when he was young. he had a VERY solid base as a foundation for his later development of Aikido. There isn't anyone in Aikido who is any good who has just gone off in his own direction before he had understood the essentials. The "box" exists for a reason. The box represents the inherited collective knowledge passed down by those who have gone before. Before you leave the box, you need to understand what is in the box. The idea that O-sensei did not go through this process is incorrect and represents a misleading model for those coming along behind.
Umm, we're not talking about the same box. Yes he did his training like everyone else, there is no way around that, it has to be done. But the mindset that he had during his training was obviously different (outside of the box) from your average student because he took his knowledge in a radical new direction.

So what I'm saying is Sean still has to do all the kata and study it as hard as anyone else to get that foundation but if he keeps a mindset that asks questions and pushes things in a new direction he'll do well.

Does that clarify things?