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Re: creation of new techniques

Michael Fooks wrote:
My two cents worth. It is extremely unusual for people to come up with new techniques outside of very specific sporting applications in things like judo/BJJ etc -where the techs are more about coutners to counters to counters in comps and less about real world defence.

People have been fighting for milennia and most if not all the effective stuff has been found already. Every time I see someone come up wiht a new technique - it tends to be something that's a less effective version of something that's already been created elsewhere. Less effective because the other version has been tested and refined over time.

either that or it's something that just plain would not work in the real world.

Why are you so concerned with weapons disarms?
Particularly in guns (some of us [not me] get the idea of short range weapons), I'm trying to produce new techniques against guns (training to dodge a bullet included where possible). Too much in swords & whatnot. The most important anti gun technique would be against Ushiro Kubishime, kind of like in the movies, "do as I say, or the kid gets it!" *Kid does Ushiro Kubishime Ikkyo*.
Plus, I got the idea from a video I saw. One of the clips had a guy pointing at another guy, the nage did what LOOKS LIKE Sumi Otoshi, except with takedown.