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graham christian
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Re: The Restoration of Peace

What is a privileged position? I think people buy into the false idea of privileged position without inspecting what such a position is.

Where things are in relative harmony and peace, both internally and externally.

War and negativity doesn't cause this or bring this about, it destroys it or undermines it, as does ignorance.

When you can be at peace with even such negativity and war and bad situations then you can be useful in speaking about, doing something about and changing things for the better.

Those who rant and rave about such 'bad' things are thus led into ignorance and serve only to make things worse.

Now if we go very spiritual here I can say that ego is never at peace and cannot be and yet an enlightened being through being at peace and with love dissipates all false self and ego.

Masakatsu and agatsu. Now that's a privileged position.

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