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graham christian
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Re: The Restoration of Peace

I would say in answer that throughout history, especially when looked at as the history through wars then it is a matter of do we as human beings actually learn the lessons presented by such.

So looked at in terms of cycles then we can see the rise and fall of empires etc. and the pain and suffering brought about as a result along with the other factors of greed and selfishness and on and on. So we see the cycle of the state of awareness we are as a race in.

Thus I say that level, that state of awareness leads to believing the actions we do and way we live and things we follow are less than good and are in fact destructive of ourselves eventually.

So we are, with all our technological advancement, following a path of chaos.

Thus as all past enlightened people have realized the way through, the way out, the way to better for all, is a path of peace but only can be brought into being through first being in a condition of such within ourselves and thus humanity speaking, as a more enlightened humanity.

War zones bring this truth home to those in them. War zones even do attract some who want to bring it about too. Many miracles happen even in such zones. It is not the war zones one should think of sometimes but the zones without war for in those zones instead of promoting a better way for all, a chance for learning about the path of peace, a chance to become more aware, more loving, more kind, more at peace, more all inclusive and responsible. Instead we get more selfish and more superior feeling and more insular and more us and them (devicive) and deviant and more into 'power' and domination and thus on the path of chaos and actually causing those wars to come about.

Such is my view.

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