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Re: Why isn't this showing Aikido as effective?

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sorry to be negative Phil, but the attacks were very obviously pre-arranged by the two participants. My guess is they also probably did several takes as well until they got them looking the way they wanted.

Just because it is outside and the speed and dynamic movement (power) has increased over what we normally do in the dojo, does not make it any more realistic.

We perceive that, but it is not what I have/do experience in reality.
Of course Kevin, (and those joining us) what demo or clip isn't of any art. But that doesn't make the techniques ineffective or unrealistic.

Kevin, we talking about civilian life, everyday daily life of the common man or woman viewing this. millions of people around the world do Aikido based on the traditional demo, so I am aware of that too. I like that the clip demo'd with all the trimmings of Aikido and went with common dress and location.

I have said this before that it is a shame someone wasn't able to film an Aikidoka in a hot situation where they are attacked on the street. I am sure there might be a clip out there some where. But the reason I think there isn't a clip (assuming there isn't one of one on the street) is due largely to Aikido's philosophy. Aikidoka on a whole don't go out looking for a fight or place themselves in a situation of street violence. Yes, am aware of the Aikido dojo- stormers, and how they defeated many, but I am talking in terms of O'Sensei's vision for Aikido and not what an individual who chooses to do what they want with Aikido on their own, i.e. use Aikido in a competition fight. I am talking about capturing digitally an Aikidoka handling a street punk I think is rare. I would like to see clips of Aikidokas in a hot situation.

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