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Sharon Seymour
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Re: Toe Warmups anyone?

Here are a couple of toe exercises that might help, both "borrowed" from yoga:

1) Sitting on the floor (or a chair), cross one ankle over your leg, insert your fingers as far as you can between your toes, then rotate your foot. You can also use your fingers to flex and extend your toes. This felt awful the first few times I did it, then got easier and easier. If you can't get your fingers in all the way, build up to this gradually.

2) Standing, relax and distribute your weight evenly through the bottoms of your feet (about hip width apart). Without rocking your weight back onto your heels, lift all your toes. Lower just your big toes; lower just your little toes; then lower the 3 in the middle. This one is more for awareness and grounding, but has a bit of a flexibility element.


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