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Toe Warmups anyone?

Hurray, first post!!!

Anyway as the topic shows I'd like to ask if anybody in the forum knows any good toe warm-ups to do before (and even after) Aikido training?

I've just started to take up Aikido for about two or three weeks now, though I've only managed to attend 7 sessions since my college schedule only allows me to attend 2 sessions per week. Being a beginner I've had trouble with my Shikko (the one when you have to go backwards). I've always dreaded doing it because it just does a number on my toes, plus its a bummer because I can't properly execute the Suwari-waza techniques being taught to me since I can't sit on my toes properly due to the pain I know that in due time my toes will get used to it but I'm just wondering if there are any warm-ups that I can do to minimize the pain.

The pain rides right down the last joint of each toe, so I'm assuming that I'm at least placing proper pressure since all of them actually hurt, or is this a wrong presumption? Anyway any tips would be greatly appreciated and if any of you guys happen to know of a site demonstrating warm-ups for my poor toes then that would be great
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