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Talking USF Two Sword Seminar

Mongo wrote:

If you don't mind traveling say....... TO THE OTHER COAST, there is going to be just such a seminar at USF (University of Southern Florida) in Tampa the second weekend in Feb ( I believe thats currently the date).

I realize thats a long way from where you are but......... you asked.

Sorry I have no information on any in your area......

- Dan P.
Mongo and Gerardo, I am a member at the above mentioned dojo at the University of South Florida. I plan on attending all three days of the seminar(Feb 2-4) and in order to do so, I have marked off my work schedule for Friday and Saturday, as I do not want to miss it. I already have every Sunday and Monday off. Many people are expected to attend, which is why we have moved it into a larger, more accomodating(sp?) room in the recreation center. Here is a link to the flyer about the seminar if you want to know who is teaching it and other info, even if you cannot attend. In preparation, the USF Aikido club got together last night and watch three videos, including "The Two Swords of Aikido" with Soatome Shihan. I'm looking forward to the seminar, and I'll be happy to post a review next week, if any one is interested.

C. Martin

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