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Gene McGloin wrote:
I don't believe that there are too many aikido sensei in the Bay area who are familiar enough with Saotome sensei's weapons system to teach them. Ther was a long time Bond St. Dojo guy named John Lewis who used to teach in Mountainview but has since left the dojo space he was using.
I'm not too sure how active Jon (or Jonathan) is these days in aikido. He got married about a year ago. Nice guy -- wicked with a knife, and fun to spar against...

George Bevins from Indianapolis who has done quite a fair amount of Saotome sensei's weapons stuff is now at Aikido of Tamalpais.
Otherwise, head out to the Boulder Summer Camp in August to catch Saotome sensei. I'm not sure if he is now doing nito as a regular thing as he stopped doing it for a number of years. Two years ago he did do a little during a camp I attended, but I don't recall hearing that he's been doing it regularly again.
He's actually been doing it more regularly in the past two years from my experience. At the Summer Camp in the Rockies (which, although hosted by Boulder Aikikai is held down in Glenwood Springs, CO) two summers ago, he focused pretty much all of his weapons stuff on nito. (He didn't do any this last summer, though.)

At Claremont last year in November, the whole weekend was pretty much devoted to nito. (Fun seminar, too; as I wrote earlier in another thread, I was fortunate to be one of five uke (with bokuto) for Saotome sensei's nito randori...)

Hope to see people at the next Summer Camp in the Rockies! (I'll be at the Mount Madonna Retreat in about a week, too...)

-- Jun

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