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Cliff Judge
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Re: What dogi do you wear in Aikido class? (brand, weight)

I have a bunch of Bujindesign ones that have been slowly deteriorating for 5-7 years. I have no idea what the Aikido24 stuff is like but I find that the LIGHT weight tops have held up better than the heavyweight ones. On the bottom side, the heavyweight drawstring pants are the best dogi bottoms ever.

I picked up a double-weave judo/aikido gi from e-bogu a couple months ago and it is TERRIBLE. It is way too heavy to be used in warm or hot weather, for one, and for two, it is just so damn bulky that it actually interferes with my movement.

I have a single-weave e-bogu judo/aikido gi from e-bogu, and it is pretty basic, a bit expensive for being so basic, and I'll be goshdarned if I know how to keep it soft. Just a very purposeful garment, the opposite of exciting. I tried to wear it for a long-duration gasshuku and wound up with most of my torso abraded.
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