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Diana Frese
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Re: Aikido Jewelry....any interest?

Haven't been to NYC and boroughs in many years, busy with family, in-laws, husband's different kinds of work at which I sort of help out. Etc. We practice a bit here but as you can see I am still interested in what's going on in the wide world of Aikido.

But I'm thinking, why not see if my old recollections aren't of any use to you all? It's early, the air outside is cold and crisp and the sky turned some interesting colors around dawn and I think I'll do most of my activities indoors. So what's my suggestion?

I remember some dojos in your area, and now there are undoubtedly more. I remember bulletin boards. I remember much friendly conversation, other than the sneaky habit we had of holding on to the towel of a gi-clad fellow practicioner until it ran out of slack and they lost their balance on the way to the shower.

The pendants look really nice and I would just say show them to people there at the time, and ask them to post a flyer, maybe smaller than eight and a half by eleven, but substantial and at least slightly glossy paper. Since there are different affiliations represented in the area, ask local people to send flyers to their friends and to the dojos across the country and maybe even overseas.

This may be a trades thing, like word of mouth, but you might want to try it with marketing. Sorry about the long description, but I wanted to give some sort of visual descriptive story on how it might work these days of many more dojo around than when I was training.
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