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Christian Tissier's 8th Dan promotion (or not)

For the non French speakers, I did a quick translation in English of the open letter of Christian Tissier Shihan to the heads of French Aikido regarding his promotion to 8th Dan.

"Open letter to the heads of French Aikido
I have been informed that the FFAAA, the federation to which I belong, had requested my promotion to the rank of 8th Dan during the past meeting of the CSDGE (Commission Spécialisée des Dan et Grades Équivalents) [translator's note: governmental grading comity that sanction the Dan promotions of all members of accredited Aikido federations].

Although the grading comity of the FFAB [translator's note: the other of the two accredited French federations] is on principle agreeable to the motion, it has decided to render its agreement conditional to the solving of a past contention between the two federations in a way that is exclusively beneficial to the FFAB. This places my nomination at the center of a shocking blackmail that is totally independent of the technical and human values that such a grade is supposed to reflect.

In return, the use of this "veto power" has resulted in the suspension in the processing of all other exceptional nominations for both federations.

Therefore, in order not to be awarded a grade upon criteria others than those that it is supposed to sanction, and in order not to penalize other practitioners of value in their respective nominations, I have decided to ask Maxime Dehomme and the members of the CSDGE within my federation to withdraw their request for my promotion to the grade of 8th Dan.

July 15th 2012

Christian Tissier"

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