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Re: Aikido - Is there Randori? Is Aikido a Workout?


That is interesting again:
In most aikido-dojo or schools I know there is no randori like in judo. So you are lucky, I think!

Here there is jiyu waza against one or more than one attackers. But that means you work with a determined form of attack.

There may also be free work where no special attack is determined. But this form of practice is most often only done by higher grades from sandan up.

But at least the role of attacker and defnder is always set. Sure we do counters and change roles this way.
But in the beginning the roles are set.

There is almost no Tomiki aikido in continental Europe, but I think even their forms of randori they have uke and nage?

So in my experience I have to say:
NO, there is no randor in aikido.
And if this was your favorite part in judo (which it is for a lot of judoka) you would miss it much in (our) aikido (here in Europe) (like most judoka do, when trying aikido).

Ok, but I understand in the US you have randori in aikido dojo. So enjoy!
The workout will be the same as in judo.

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