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Re: Constant training?

Gernot Hassenpflug wrote: View Post
There is a Japanese saying that Bujutsu is a lonely road that one walks alone. I think it is because the self-discovery of how the body works is something that takes so much time and effort after the concepts and tools for the job have been learned. Thus, for me, mentally, the investigative process never stops---whether I am sitting writing email, walking, or other physical activity. Then, the issue of solo training cannot be ignored: without it, there is no real progress. Finally, the test in class against others of a like mindset (hopefully) and those that are more advanced than oneself. I cannot think of any escape from training under such circumstances, although refusing to spend as much time on solo exercises as one should is quite easy to accomplish LOL
This is along the lines of what i was thinking about...but much better stated. Thanks!
Take care.

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