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Basia Halliop
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Re: Constant training?

You say you don't see any positive, is that to imply you see a negative to having such an all-inclusive definition of aikido?
I suppose if a word can mean everything it's like it stops meaning anything, if that makes sense? If I can call everything 'apple' from my toe to an airplane, than there's not much point in having the word 'apple' at all, is there? and we'll also need a whole new word to describe those red/green crunchy fruit things.

I would define Aikido more or less as what I do on the mat with my own body and my partner's body. Getting off the line of attack, getting to a safe position, taking uke's balance, joint-locks, throwing, falling safely, that kind of thing. You know, like ikkyo, shihonage, koshinage, etc. I don't count general good qualities like 'being mindful' or 'respect' as 'Aikido' because while those may be useful/vital in Aikido, they're no less useful in almost anything you do, so I don't feel like Aikido has some kind of particular claim to them more than any other human activity.

If what you actually meant by 'training continuously' was what I'd call taking general principles/skills you happened to have found Aikido useful to help you learn (like concentration or body awareness or whatever) and continuing to practice them in other appropriate spheres where they are also beneficial -- then yes, in that case I can totally see how that could be beneficial. (I just personally wouldn't call it training or aikido, but maybe that's just language?)
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