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Re: Constant training?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Well...there's also the consideration of whether it's desirable to train continuously. Consider: if you're "training aikido" while you're doing something else (walking the dog, riding your bike, cooking an omelet), then you're not being present in what it is you are doing. I don't regard that as a good thing. Everything you do is itself; it's not a metaphor for some other thing, it has its own existence and its own meaning. If you want more aikido training, then I'd say do what you need to do to spend more time on the mat. Become an uchideshi, whatever. But I bet you'll find that uchideshi, when they get a break to eat or sleep or do laundry, don't make that time into aikido training time. That's when they live the rest of their lives, which are circumscribed enough.
Good point! I agree that being distracted from the moment, regardless of what you're being distracted by, can be bad. I know I tended to think a little too much about applying aikido to everything and it annoyed some of my buddies, for example. In a sense though, I wouldn't describe that as really training. At this point in my training, being mindfull/present is a prerequisit to it. So, walking the dog, so long as you're focused on that activity, might itself be a moment of training...especially if it's an English Mastiff who weighs as much as you do .
My weekly running sessions have become moments where I focus on how I'm moving my structure for example. I'm not thinking as much as feeling my way through the movements. I suppose what I'm describing really is simply "mindfullness" in other activities and how it might apply to what most people think of as "training."
Have you ever done something off the mat and found it helped you to better understand what you're doing on the mat?

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