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Re: Constant training?

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What do you think of the concept of continuous training? .... Any thoughts or examples of your own?
Take care folks,
The meat and potatoes of martial arts training is what you do on your own outside of class; practice is the only way to improve. The class becomes a clearing house where any errors you make are corrected.

For myself, every morning I do a battery of stretches; some pushups, situps, and leg lifts; and some jogging. Then I cycle through some material from Aikido, Karate, Serak, and Jun Fan, emphasizing a differnt one on a different day. (Kali, has fallen by the wayside, unfortunatley; I should add some stick work to my daily regime! )Of course, if I want to get started quicker, I just do the stretching and condtioning; everyhting else takes time! But there you go.
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