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Re: For everyone who wants to find out if aikido works in the "real world"...

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
However, other teachers I have had did not stress atemi so much, in the sense that they did not do it as often as K Chiba. But they clearly realized its importance. (I am thinking here of Tada, Yamaguchi and Arikawa.)
I am guessing you are talking about Hiroshi Tada? I find this interesting because the instruction I got from my instructor, concerning Sensei Tada's techniques, always had an atemi (punch, elbow, knee, kick) in them. Certain movements were used specifically against a grappling type attack (from ryo mune tori for instance) with a combination of punches and kick or knee in them. I was also taught that the ryotetori attack comes accompanied with a knee or headbutt.
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