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phil farmer
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Re: The Wave Motion/Theory


I can answer your question now about the demonstration on Youtube that you posted. Shihan is doing Hasshaku ken Yodan from the series of kata that make up the curriculum of Yoseikan Budo. The Hasshakuken kata (1-5) are kata that demonstrate the throws and joint locks of yoseikan budo. That particular kata is intended to demonstrate the breathing (very gutteral) and muscle tension/release that accompanies each throw (projection) or punch (atemi). That demonstration was at the 2007 World Cup in Brussels and Shihan makes for an awesome demonstrator at age 71, especially the incredible muscle tone he shows. And he seems to love to take his gi top off as often as possible to demonstrate that muscle tone. The muscle control and breathing are part of the undulation motion. As you think about this motion, all who are posting here, please try to remember, it is a natural movement and a natural feeling but demands a very relaxed body in order to do it. Shihan is quite adamant that Yoseikan Budo should be good for your body (okay, so not the joint lock if you are receiving it but you get the idea). By the way, that is me sitting in the first chair of referees taking the pictures.

Phil Farmer
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