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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi

Hi Mark

They are one, always one. But there are external ways to train overlapping internal while both build in a person.
Well, I did ask Rob to put one on me. And even asked him to set it in more, till I was in pain and he had my Aikido center. Then i took it away and blew it up instantly. I'd be willing to guess he'll tell you he hasn't had anyone just sort of look at him and take the power away. But yes that's internal and its a pretty low level skill. Alot of guys could mamange that. More importantly, there are other ways to handle things like lock attempts as well.

But its not about me. If we in a teaching or senior role take Ukemi it allows a student to learn much faster just how to apply things, how to sustain them, and just what to do in many responses they see us doing as Uke. And if we have a healthy ego and a desire to better folks in our care we put them on a trac to defeat our skills.

With things like locks, pretty much they learn to lock and learn to undo them. Thus they learn a positive response to an attack not a passive one.


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